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 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

A final report on the eradication of myna birds from Kiribati.

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

Documenting available information on the distribution, status and values of wetlands in Kiribati. However, much of this existing information needs updating.

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

This report highlights activities, findings and data update on numbers, challenges and recommendations that aim to improve responses on myna birds on Onotoa island.

The collections were made on the northern portion or" the island in the vicinity of the "Main Camp" and airport, as indicated on the map.

The Republic of Kiribati requested assistance from the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, to conduct a survey of invasive plant species of environmental concern. The survey was carried out in August and September 2003.

A pocket guide to the birds of Kiribati

A final report on the eradication of myna birds from Kiribati

Assessing the impact of the South Tarawa Greenbag scheme on the life of the Nanikai landfill.
The information generated is useful to;

ƒ Encourage adoption of the scheme by the waste removal agencies;
ƒ Refine the scheme; and
ƒ Support efforts to encourage householders to participate in the scheme.

This update retains essential still-current information from the 1993 edition, introduces data that have become available subsequently and adds several new categories of information.

This report is based on official trip made to Onotoa early this year 2014. The trip involved collecting information (updated) on sites, workshop and myna trap construction and destroying feeding and nesting areas.

This plan covers the operations to eradicate feral cats (Felis catus) from Malden Island, an uninhabited Wildlife Sanctuary within the southern Line Island group, part of the Republic of Kiribati.

These regulations are called the **Phoenix Islands Protected Area Regulations**

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

As party to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Kiribati is obliged to submit a national report on the implementation of the convention. The report will, in essence, be focused on the national implementation strategies, action plans, legislative instrument, and achievements relative to the convention.

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

An 'Act' to amend the Environment Act 1999 of Kiribati. Amendments were made in 2007

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

The objectives of these regulations are to;

* prescribe a protected area for the terrestrial and marine resources of the Phoenix islands.

* prescribe particular licences and permits for regulating certain activities in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area and to establish a schedule of penalties for all activities affecting the Phoenix Protected Area

* implement the Cabinet decision of approving the nomination of the Phoenix Islands protected Area to the World Heritage Committee

 Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD

A strategy for the management of invasive species and address related issues in Kiribati as a whole.