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This policy is an important road map to achieving both the development and management aspirations of Kiribati for sustainable fisheries in the long term.

Kiribati is one of 15 countries participating in PacWaste project, with activities taking place in the project domains of healthcare waste, e-waste and asbestos.

The status, trends and threats of Kiribati’s biodiversity are summarised in this report. It also illustrates how biodiversity conservation and management are mainstreamed across different sectors to effectively address different biodiversity conservation and management issues

This plan covers the operations to eradicate feral cats (Felis catus) from Malden Island, an uninhabited Wildlife Sanctuary within the southern Line Island group, part of the Republic of Kiribati.

This study deals with the mechanics of stripping a typical vehicle, and the associated economics attempts to make some estimates of vehicles available for reprocessing today, and future projections based on import data.

The Government of Kiribati selected Abaiang and Tabiteuea North from a group of atolls considered ‘most vulnerable’. Then due to factors such as the inland shift of 80 metres of the coastline threatening Tebunginako village and the comparatively large population size and proximity to Tarawa, Abaiang was selected as the first atoll for the Whole of Island approach to take place.

Official DKAN data portal user manual (comprehensive)

This first fieldwork session was exploratory, aiming at launching a research programme concerning island vulnerability in the atoll states of Maldives and Kiribati.

This project demonstrates beach EbA at eroding beaches on Abaiang atoll, Kiribati, in cooperation with local communities, to extend their adaptive capacity to climate change and climate variability.

national report to the UNCCD

This Act may be cited as the Environment (Amendment) Act.

These regulations are called the **Phoenix Islands Protected Area Regulations**

Kiribati 20 year vision development plan known as the KV20. The KV20 is Kiribati’s long term development blueprint for the period 2016-2036.

Provided by Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture Development in the Environment and Conservation Division

Maximizing benefits from the ocean - Tarawa serves as a good example of the perceived values of the ocean.