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25 June 2021 | dataset

Benthic ecology and biota of Tarawa atoll lagoon

The lagoon of Tarawa harbors the richest benthos documented for any Pacific atoll. The biota is strongly influenced by its setting in the equatorial upwelling zone and the unusual geomorphology of the atoll, with a submerged western rim, but largely closed and islet-strewn eastern and southern sides.

The purpose of this paper therefore is to describe aspects of the benthic ecology and biota of Tarawa Atoll and to consider how the unusual setting of the atoll has affected the bentho.

Data and Resource

Benthic ecology and biota of Tarawa atoll lagoon

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Publisher Environment and Conservation Division-MELAD
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 25 June 2021
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Kiribati
Relevant Countries Kiribati
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Author Gustav Paulay
Contact Name Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida,
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